Atomic Robo Wiki

In the various depictions of Atomic Robo's office, there are often background Easter Eggs. These are sometimes mere tips of the hat to other media, and others are hints about future stories.

In Atomic Robo FCBD 2008[]

Page 1[]

Panel 1[]

On Wall to Robo's Right[]

  • A tank-like model on a stand, with a plaque labeled 'Bonaparte.'
  • A circular item. At the center is a silver star on a blue circular field. Radiating out from that is four stripes of alternating white and red. With the exception of the number of stripes, it is strikingly similar to Captain America's shield.
  • Bottom edge of a portrait, mostly obscured by text.

On Desk[]

  • A phone.
  • A pen.
  • Some sort of box.
  • A vintage radio
  • A large desk calender.

Wall Behind Robo[]

  • The bottom of a certificate of some sort. Robo's diploma?
  • Something on a cabinet. Obscured by the military guys's text bubble.

Panel 4[]

Wall to Robo's Left[]

  • Closer view of portrait from Panel 1. Its subject is now discernible as Hellboy.
  • Large brown object in the corner. No distinguishing marks or features.

Wall Behind Robo[]

  • Closer view of Sicily map. An additional arrow and two more town names are now visible.
  • Object on cabinet from Panel 1. Metal parts on its face are visible, though mostly obscured by Robo's chair.