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Acceleration Vol 6 #1

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Quote1 If this thing disintegrates around me, we'll know who to blame. Quote2
-- Atomic Robo

Appearing in "Acceleration"

Featured Characters:

  • Atomic Robo
  • Action Scientists
    • Jenkins
    • Bernard
    • Lang
    • Vik

Supporting Characters:

  • Martin
  • Louis


Other Characters:


  • Tesladyne Island
  • Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway
  • Bletchley Park, England
  • Earth's atmosphere



  • Hercules
  • TX-17 (first appearance)

Synopsis for "Acceleration"

Atomic Robo receives an urgent call from Director Bolden of NASA warning him there are astronauts stuck in orbit that only have seven hours to live. Robo and the Action Scientists quickly figure out a plan to launch Robo into orbit using a "hypersonic jet engine with a seat attached" (A.K.A. the TX-17) and having him correct the astronauts' descent to Earth.

About an hour into the project, Robo receives a call from a man codenamed Sparrow, the grandson of the Sparrow he met in World War II. Sparrow informs him that an entire building has disappeared, with the only evidence it had ever been there being a note from Sparrow's grandmother. The note, written in 1954, states that "the invisible house is the ghost of station X". Busy with the rescue attempt, Robo sends his closest operatives, Martin and Louis (assigned to "Polar Bear Patrol" in Norway for almost destroying the universe) to deal with the issue.

With 29 minutes to spare, Robo and the Action Scientists launch him into orbit. However, while still in Low Earth Orbit, Robo's spacecraft hits a satellite and he begins to fall back towards Earth.


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  • In the beginning of the issue, Robo appears to be complaining to Steve Jobs about how Robo cannot use Apple's touch screen devices with his robotic hands

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