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After Japanese Emperor Hirohito surrendered to the Allies in World War Two (September 3, 1945), members of the secret Chokaiten project are called to action. Made of the most brilliant and strategic minds of the Japanese imperial army, Chokaiten would represent the invincibility of the Japanese army in victory. In defeat, Chokaiten instead planned to use the power of earthquake bombs, ion weaponry and other non-atomic forms of weaponry inspired by Nikola Tesla's work to usurp and retake the Pacific.

In 1951, Chokaiten's Yatagasaru fighters, aircraft that outmatch every other airborne vehicle, attack Atomic Robo in the hopes of using the technology inside of him for further weaponry. However, Robo is saved by the Flying She-Devils, who are subsequently attacked by the full force of Chokaiten's army of Yatagasaru fighters, airplanes and the Super Carrier Hida. The She-Devils narrowly escape Chokaiten, although Robo is captured. Fortunately, one of the She-Devils infiltrates the base and rescues Robo, and together they pursue Chokaiten in order to stop them wiping out San Francisco with an earthquake bomb. Chokaiten's Super Carrier is destroyed by Lauren (a She-Devil) ramming the She-Devil's airship into the Hida, destroying it and sealing the fate of Chokaiten.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Yatagasaru fighters, Super Carrier Hida
Weapons: Earthquake, ion, electro-magnetic weaponry, flak cannons, lightning guns


The philosophy of Chokaiten is based on Japanese bushido ("the way of the warrior") in which a man's honor and integrity is measured by his willingness to carry out his mission at any cost, including suicide. As Lt. Takeshi Hayato states, the men of Chokaiten are "already dead" because of their exposure to electro-gravity (which powers their technology) and have nothing to lose.


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