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Flying She-Devils

Official Name
Flying She-Devils

Base Of Operations
She-Devil Island, South Pacific Ocean

Team Leader(s)
May Carter

Current Members
Hazel, Valerya

Former Members


Chokaiten, Mad Jack

Place of Formation
She-Devil Island

First appearance

Atomic Robo Vol 7 1


The Flying She-Devils are a group of all-women sky pirates who prey on mercenaries, pirates, and warlords in the South Pacific during the post-World War II era. The Flying She-Devils was formed by the women who served and fought for the Allies in the war, and refused to return to their previous mundane jobs by male-dominated society. The aftermath of the war also left many forgotten materiel such as fuel depot, weapons, and airstrips in the Pacific in which independent groups seeks to misuse them. The Flying She-Devils was dedicated to locate these materiel from falling into the wrong hands.

In 1951, the She-Devils come into conflict with a rogue group of elite Japanese soldiers known as Chokaiten and helped saved Atomic Robo from them. They and Robo barely stopped the Chokaiten's plot to destroy North America with "earthquake bomb" weaponry devised from Nikola Tesla's work.

In 1946, the She-Devils raided Mad Jack and his marauders at Marauder Island for supplies. They were able to free native islanders enslaved by Jack and steal his plane.


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