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Not to be confused with The Billion Dollar Plot.

Real Science Adventures Volume 1 is the first official volume of Real Science Adventures, a comic series spin off of Atomic Robo. The volume is a collection of Atomic Robo short stories, including some stories not found on either the Atomic Robo official site or on Nuklear Power (Atomic Robo creator Brian Clevinger's website).

Like all of the comics in Real Science Adventures, the volume was illustrated by a number of independent artists, including Yuko Ota (Johnny Wander, Lucky Penny), Chris Houghton (Gravity Falls, Adventure Time), and Gurihiru (Avatar: The Promise, Power Pack)[1].


The volume contains several collected stories, including[2]:

  • Bloop - Art by Paul Maybury
  • City of Skulls - Art by Chris Houghton
  • Daedalus Project - Art by Zack Finfrock
  • Leaping Metal Dragon - Art by John Broglia
  • Monster Hunters - Art by Rob Reilly
  • Most Perfect Science Division - Art by Xevi Benitez
  • Once Upon A Time In China - Art by Xevi Benitez
  • Philadelphia Experiment - Art by Erica Henderson
  • Tesla's Electric Sky Schooner - Art by Gurihiru
  • The Dark Age - Art by Zack Finfrock
  • The Revenge of Dr. Dinosaur - Art by Yuko Ota
  • To Kill A Sparrow - Art by Ryan Cody
  • Atomic Robo's Free Comic Book Day 2012 - Art by Scott Wegener, Colors by Matt Speroni & Zack Frinfrock

Several of these stories were re-released on the Atomic Robo as B-Sides.