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On June 7, 2007, Red 5 Comics upped the page count of each issue of Atomic Robo from twenty-two pages to thirty two pages.[1]. To fill this gap in a short period of time, pin-ups of Robo from various artists were included. These pin-ups were referred to as Robo Vision. Later issues mostly replaced Robo Vision with back-up stories, but they still occasionally appear in new issues.

Listing of Robo Vision pin-ups in each issue[]

Atomic Robo 1.1[]

[Atomic Robo Vol 1 2|Atomic Robo 1.2]][]

  • Geoff Munn
  • Rob Reilly
  • Vlad Fiks
  • Mario Boon

Atomic Robo 1.3[]

Atomic Robo 1.4[]

  • No Robo Vision this issue

Atomic Robo 1.5[]

Atomic Robo 1.6[]

Atomic Robo 2.1[]

  • No Robo Vision this issue

Atomic Robo 2.2[]

  • No Robo Vision this issue

Atomic Robo 2.3[]

  • Jacob Goddard
  • Nelson Ribeiro
  • Frankie B. Washington

Atomic Robo 2.4[]

  • John Broglia
  • Frankie B. Washington