Having been only recently introduced to the Atomic Robo series, I found the hidden history of the comic series exceedingly interesting. It is not often that a series goes from a hard-comic release to a full-blown webcomic! As far as I can tell, the series (as well as the works of Clevinger and Wegener prior to Robo) has evolved a whole lot since its inception. And, as with a lot of old sites, the webcomic's site has gone through many iterations as well. The current blog only goes up to 2015, but that's only because of the transition. I, for one, would not have even known about (where a lot of old Atomic Robo webcomics are hosted) had I not done some further research.

Plus, the fact that the comic is online and free makes it so much easier than before to write something about it. I don't have to buy any of the issues to understand the plot or its characters, and looking through the history of the series is super interesting to me. Perhaps that's the appeal of the webcomic route: I seriously want to buy some of the issues in order to see what's up with the new Sparrow and to see what the whole Yonker's Devil thing is.

Perhaps the hardest part about understanding and writing about the Atomic Robo series is the lack of a dedicated community around the series. On other comics, like Marvel's series, you'd find a ton of speculation and threads about the next comic and about new characters. However, I guess you could make the arguement that there is a community of Robo fans, as the Patreon of 500 people clearly demonstrates.

For now, I guess I have to work with the webcomic to understand the series. I am interested in fully revamping the wiki to help those confused about the series to understand it, including myself. I guess that'll have to wait until I get admin permissions.

~ironwestie (talk to me) 05:26, July 22, 2016 (UTC)

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