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Vampire Dimension
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The Vampire Dimension is a parallel universe characterized by a post-apocalyptic earth inhabited by "Vampires". How and why it reached its present condition is unknown, but Atomic Robo speculates that it was similar to our world until some kind of worldwide catastrophe struck in the early 1900's, which caused the human population to transform into vampires. It was first discovered by Nikola Tesla and Atomic Robo in 1927 when they accidentally invented an inter-dimensional gateway while trying to build an electron microscope. After two vampires came through the portal into Tesla's lab, resulting in the outbreak of violence, the portal was disassembled and Tesla never spoke of it again. However, in the 1990's the U.S. Army used their own portal, (Atomic Robo currently believes the FBI stole most of Tesla's work and equipment while investigating his death, inter-dimensional gateway include), to send soldiers on an exploratory mission into the Vampire Dimension. The expedition ended in disaster and Tesladyne was called in to rescue what was left of it. This rescue mission was how Atomic Robo first met Jenkins, the expedition's lone survivor.


The creatures which inhabit the Vampire Dimension are called Vampires, however they are not vampires in the traditional sense. Atomic Robo describes them as, "...basically human, but hairless, incredibly strong, and twice as violent" and, "mindless killing machines." They behave like pack hunters and attack their prey relentlessly. It is possible that their violence is motivated by factors other than hunger, as they attack Atomic Robo despite the fact that he has no edible parts.


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