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"Rescue Mission"

Atomic Robo Webcomic Vol 1
August, 2010

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Quote1 I'll bring your men back. Or what's left of them. But after that, it's war. Quote2
-- Atomic Robo

Appearing in "Rescue Mission"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Reynolds


Other Characters:


  • Majestic 12 Headquarters
  • Denver International Airport
  • Denver, Colorado



Synopsis for "Rescue Mission"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • This comic originally appeared online. It has yet to be collected.


  • This comic might contain the first know occurrence of broken continuity in the Robo universe. This comic establishes Robo's first meeting with Jenkins in the year 1997. When Jenkins is forced to take a vacation in 2008, eleven years later, Robo mentions that he has been with Tesladyne for fourteen years. Both of these comics were B-Stories published years apart, so baring wacky time travel hi-jinks (Not likely, there's no such thing as time travel) this is probably just an overlooked scripting mistake.

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